WarTech:Senko No Ronde

$60.00 Released May, 2007

Product Shot 1What happens when you combine Geometry Wars and Virtua Fighter? You get Senko No Ronde. Shoot 'em up games, also known as shmups, revolve around one plane or ship taking on and shooting down hundreds of enemies all while dodging an impossible flurry of bullets.

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Product Shot 2 G.Rev has taken this concept and instead of pitting you against a lot of weaker ships, places you against one other ship that is just as capable. The result is two players battling each other with moves and abilities firing volleys of bullets at one another in an attempt to destroy the other ship.

Since the game is based off of a fighting game's game style the story and level progression are very straightforward. Battle one enemy after another in the single player, or battle your friends with multiplayer or over Xbox Live. Players choose from one of the 8 available characters, each one with their own specific moves and abilities. Attacks are performed using either the main weapon, the sub weapon, the barrage weapon, or special moves that are accomplished by performing specific button motions similar to a fighting game. Successful attacks increase a special gauge that when it's full allows you to transform your robot into a giant B.O.S.S. robot similar to a boss in a traditional shmup game that lets you launch super attacks.

To ensure the game is more than simply launching attacks against one another, various defensive maneuvers are available including a dash for quicker movement around the arena. Special combo and close up attacks are also available when you're in the proper distance from the enemy.

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