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Warioware:Smooth Moves

$40.00 Released January, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Funny. Shows off wiimote capabilites. Good music.

The Cons:Multiplayer only 1 remote. Easy to beat and lose interest. No depth to games.

WarioWare is back on home consoles! Using motion control, you must hula hoop, deep knee bend, paint a stiring landscape, and place a set of dentures in an old womans mouth. Offering a multitude of insane and wacky quickfire minigames (many games last only a few seconds) you will use the Wii mote to add another layer of wackiness.

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Just as much fun to play as it is to watch (picture your friend running in place as fast as he can, then pretending to hula hoop, then poking forward towards the TV).

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    Shows off wiimote capabilites

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    Good music

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    Multiplayer only 1 remote

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    Easy to beat and lose interest

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    No depth to games

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    Games too short

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Special K
Special K: #warioware_smooth_moves I bought this game after hearing how great it was...and i was entertained for the first hour or so...the i beat it and opened up "multiplayer mode", which is more or less a joke. I would not recommend getting this game..(unless you want to buy it off me HARDLY used for $40??? $30??) Aug 30, 07
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