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Virtua Fighter 5

$60.00 Released February, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Deepest 3D fighting game ever. Near flawless online play (360 version). Very diverse lineup of characters.

The Cons:Unfriendly to noobs. Training mode isn't as good as VF4's. Too many loading prompts.

The Virtua Fighter series is one of the premier fighting game franchises focusing on a realistic representation of fighting. This fifth installment introduces two new characters, Eileen and El Blaze, along with their new and unique fighting styles.

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Every fighter has their own style that is based off of real world martial arts. The simplicity in the control scheme belies the underlying complexity that makes Virtua Fighter one of the deepest franchises available, and the fifth installment the most sophisticated of the series. Using joystick motions, a combination of the three buttons and precise timing literally hundreds of offensive and defensive moves are available for each fighter.

Differences between versions

The Xbox 360 version of the game is based off of the Version C rules which makes various changes to the damage and speed of various characters' moves. New additions are also being made to the DOJO and Quest modes with extra items for customization. An expanded training mode is also included.

Online multiplayer is the biggest difference between the two versions as the Xbox 360 has full Xbox Live support allowing for two players to compete over the Internet.

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    Deepest 3D fighting game ever

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    Near flawless online play (360 version)

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    Very diverse lineup of characters

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    Tons of customization options for creating unique costumes

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    Every character is completely different fighter to understand/learn/master

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    Unfriendly to noobs

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    Training mode isn't as good as VF4's

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    Too many loading prompts

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