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$15.00 Released March, 1998

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Multiplayer action. Full storyline with 3 playable species. Low system requirements means any computer can run.

The Cons:Shorcut controls are clunky by modern standards. Bot AI is terrible in a balanced situation. Protoss towers in the hands of veterans make the game seem unbalanced.

The first game in the Starcraft duo, you are put in control of 3 different races, Terran (humans), Protoss (aliens), and the Zerg (evil aliens). Each of these races have their own set of units, building, and upgrades that you can deploy in real time strategy combat.

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Product Shot 2 The game offers three campaign modes, one for each race, that introduce you to the story. You can also do quick battles where you choose the map and the enemy you want to battle (up to seven enemies). The game features great multiplayer action for up to eight people. You can also create your own maps and campaigns to use in the game. To get additional content, you can purchase the expansion pack.

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    Multiplayer action

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    full storyline with 3 playable species

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    Low system requirements means any computer can run

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    Each race is VERY distinct in play, yet well-balanced

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    Shorcut controls are clunky by modern standards

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    Bot AI is terrible in a balanced situation

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    Protoss towers in the hands of veterans make the game seem unbalanced

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BrileyKenney: #starcraft Old school gaming right here; awesome RTS game. Can't wait for the new Starcraft due out soon! Jan 27, 09
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anon: #starcraft I remember spending $80 on this game and the expansion pack. I'm glad I've learned to buy games used! Dec 29, 08
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Omar: #starcraft I remember playing this game 8 years ago when I was in high school. I beat both the Terran and Zerg missions, and made it until level 7 of the Protoss campaign until I had to start using cheats. I still thought I was pretty darn good, so when my friend challenged me to a network game I was pretty cocky. This was my first experience in what pain the Internet can bring. Very quickly I realized how horribly I sucked as I was Zerg and barely had any units made before my friend came down upon me with the wrath of 3 Yamamoto ships. I never played Starcraft again. Sep 7, 06
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