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StarCraft: Brood War

$20.00 Released November, 1998

Product Shot 1 The Pros:A large number of new units and maps. Great online multiplayer- lots of modes. Deeply strategic game.

The Cons:Unit AI is weak in some areas.

The expansion pack to Starcraft on the PC, Starcraft: Brood War offers up a multitude of new units, maps, and three new campaigns that expand upon the story of the first game. You once again take control of the Protoss, Humans, and Zerg, each with there own unique play style and units.

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There are over 100 new multiplayer maps to litter with your opponets corpses, as well as expanded online play that offers more modes to choose from.

There are seven new units in all, 2 for the humans and zerg and 3 for the protoss. The Protoss Corsair is a support fighter ship. It's fast, but its gun are relatively weak. Its real strength comes from its disruption web ability which disrupts all ground to air attacks within the web. Also new to the party is the dark archon, created by fusing two dark templars. The dark archon cannot fight, but it has the ability to stun organic units and take control of enemy troops with its Mind Control ability. The new Dark Templars are the masters of deadly stealth attacks. They are permanently cloaked and have a powerful warp blade which cuts ground units down to size. The Terran medic has the ability to heal organic ground units, as well as blind enemies and remove statis effects. The Valkyrie is a powerful air to air fighter, launching many vollies of missles at her unfortunate target. The Zerg Devourer fires a blast of corrosive acid at air units, causing them to fire more slowly and to take more damage when hit. The Lurker is evolved from a Hydrolisk. It is unable to attack above ground, but when it burrows it launches a line of spikes through the ground at enemies.

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    A large number of new units and maps

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    Great online multiplayer- lots of modes

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    Deeply strategic game

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    Unit AI is weak in some areas

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