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Starcraft Battle Chest

$20.00 Released December, 1999

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Extremely replayable online multiplayer. Syncing of storylines.

The Cons:Graphics becoming outdated. Online multiplayer has become laggy due to server cutbacks.

A compliation of Blizzard's Starcraft games, including Starcraft, Starcraft:Brood War, and strategy guides for both the games by Prima Publishing.


The three races, Terran (humans), Protoss (technological aliens), and Zerg (biological aliens), are at war with each other.

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The player chooses one of the three races to fight with. Each race provides a vastly different play style than its other two counterparts. The Terrans have access to advanced combat technology, including tanks and nuclear missles. The Protoss have the advantage of powerful energy weapons and energy shields. The Zerg prefer to use teeth and claw to fight their battles. While the races may be very different, no race is better than the other. Starcraft has a campagin mode for each race, quick games for custom battles, and a multiplayer mode (BattleNet) that has numerous challenges to compete in.

Starcraft: Brood Wars

The expansion pack to Starcraft offers a wide vareity of new content. Each of the three races campagins are entirely new, expanding on the story in the first game. Each race gains new units as well. The Protoss now have Dark Templars and Dark Archons (previously seen in Starcraft, but could not be controlled). The Dark Archons cannot fight directly, but are able to take control of the minds of the enemies troops, turning them against their former masters. The Terrans now have the Medic, an infantry healing unit that augments the main fighting force. The Zerg get the Lurker, Gurdian, and Devourer. The lurker is an evolved form of a Hydralisk that cannot attack above ground, but when it burrows it shoots a trail of spikes across the ground at enemies. Gurdians and Devourers are evolved from Mutalisks. Gurdians specialize in air to ground combat while Devourers attack units in the air. In addition to the new units, there are also new technologies to research.

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    Extremely replayable online multiplayer.

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    Syncing of storylines

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    Graphics becoming outdated.

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    Online multiplayer has become laggy due to server cutbacks.

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