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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

$30.00 Released August, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Adds swordplay, magic, and monsters to the Harvest Moon formula.

The second Harvest Moon for the DS, this edition mixes up the formula a bit, adding monsters and swordplay in addition to the Harvest Moon norm. The game takes place in Kardia, a small city on the eastern tip of the Adonia continent.

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You control Ragna, who wanders into town starved and dehydrated. He/She collapses in front of the house of a landowner named Mist. After regaining conciousness you realize you have amnesia and cant remember who you are or where you came from. Mist agrees to give you land and a house as long and you work hard for the priviledge. From then on the game is very open ended. You can choose to advance the story by battleing through monster infested caves, or focus on your culinary skills. You can fish, farm, explore caves, capture monsters, expand your farm and home, advance your skills, court the lovely ladies (or men if you play as a girl) of the town, and much more. Capturing monsters basically takes the place of raising livestock. Using your friendship glove you can strike a friendship with the monsters in the caves you explore. Not only can the monsters help you in battle, they can also help with chores around the farm. The caves are conquered through defeating the giant boss monster at the end of the labyrinth. But you cant access the boss monster until you destroy the monster generating portals scattered within the cave. Farming is a large part in caves, crops help restore your magical Rune Points. In this Harvest Moon you will not only need to upgrade your tools, but your weapons and armor as well!

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    Adds swordplay, magic, and monsters to the Harvest Moon formula


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SilenceOmo7: #rune_factory_a_fantasy_harvest_moon I've always wanted to play a Harvest Moon game, the gameplay seems like a perfect pick for me. I'll probably buy this game later this year. For a while I was worried it wouldnt be coming to the US. Aug 14, 07
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