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Rock of the Dead

$40.00 Released October, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Lead Character is the voice of Neil Patrick Harris. Gives you multiple games to play with your plastic guitar.

The Cons:Graphics are substandard. Failed attempts at humor. Game doesn't feature licensed music.

The Rock of the Dead is a horror music game designed for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii gaming consoles. Unlike all its karaoke counterparts, Rock of the Dead pits the user against an army of zombies that take anywhere from up to three- or four-strum combos to take out.

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It’s like a typing game where you type certain words (like ZAP for a weak monster, SYMPHONY for a large monster), except in this case you strum on a peripheral guitar instead. There are a couple modes—easy and normal for an adequate challenge, and Hard or Expert for true rockstrs unafraid of knocking out difficult multi-button chords. Unlike Real Heroes: Firefighter, Rock of the Dead is a more campy title, in that it’s “unrealistic and cartoony.” Plus it trades in real rock titles in favor of remixes of the classics. However the gameplay includes jump-in/jump-out and up to two-player coop or competitive.


  • Horror Music Game
  • Fight Zombies w/a Guitar
  • Up to Three/Four-Strum Combos
  • Easy/Normal Modes
  • Hard/Expert Multi-Button Modes
  • Cartoonish-Like Graphics
  • Remixes of the Classics
  • Co-Op Up to 2 Players
  • Huge Boss Battles
  • Dozens of Unlockables
  • Multiple Upgrades

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    Lead Character is the voice of Neil Patrick Harris

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    Gives you multiple games to play with your plastic guitar

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    Graphics are substandard

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    Failed attempts at humor

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    Game doesn't feature licensed music

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