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Pac Pix

$30.00 Released April, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Well implemented touch screen control.

The Cons:Very short.

A mischievious wizard has created a powerful substance known as Ghost Ink. Whatever was drawn using this ink turned into a ghost. The ghost began jumping into various pictures and books, causing havok and pulling pranks.

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Pac Man, using his mighty Magic Pen, managed to trap all of the ghosts in one book, but before he could turn the ghosts back into harmless ghost ink, he became trapped in the book himself.

As the player you are in control of the magic pen, which is used to draw various shapes to aid Pac Man in his hunt for ghost. First you must draw Pac Man himself. Once thats done you can draw lines to direct him towards troublesome ghosts. You can also draw arrows that remove ghosts from the sky, and bombs that can remove barriers and forcibly remove the armor from certain ghost.

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    Well implemented touch screen control

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    Very short

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