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Product Shot 1is an upcoming video game developed by Vanillaware exclusively for the Wii console. It will be published by Marvelous Interactive and is an action RPG. It has been announced for a 2008 Japanese release, though no North American release date has been confirmed.

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Product Shot 2

Unlike Vanillaware's previous titles, the game takes its roots from historical Japan.

The game is said to have two different methods of control, one for casual players that will presumably involve the Wii Remote, and another for more experienced players who'd prefer a more precise method. Graphically the game is similar to Odin Sphere (another Vanillaware game), retaining the same 2D art style, though inspiration will this time be drawn from Japanese culture rather than Norse mythology.[1]

So far two playable characters have been specified: Momohime (???), a young girl who wears a kimono and wields a katana, and Kisuke (???), an amnesiac ninja boy. Not much more has been announced about the game, though due to the obvious similarities to Odin Sphere it is presumed to be a spiritual successor.

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