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Ninja Gaiden (NES)

Released March, 1989

Product Shot 1 The Pros:First use of cinematic cut-scenes. Engaging storyline. Fun gameplay.

The Cons:Very difficult to complete.

Ninja Gaiden developed by Tecmo for the Nintendo Entertainment System was the first in the Ninja Gaiden series of video released in the United States in March 1989. The game was renowned for the use of cinematic cutscenes (arguably a first in the industry) and a full movie-like story.

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Product Shot 2 You play as Ryu Hyabusa, a ninja, as you make your way through six platforming levels referred to as "Acts" with bosses at the end of each level. Your main weapon is the Dragon Sword which you use to defeat enemies as they scroll into the screen. Ryu can also grasp and subsequently jump off ladders and walls. You can pick up a variety of sub-weapons such as a shurikens, fire wheels, and a "jump & slash" weapon. You have a "physical strength" meter which measures how many more hits you can sustain, whereas the "spiritual strength" meter limits your use of sub-weapons.

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  • 4

    First use of cinematic cut-scenes

  • 4

    Engaging storyline

  • 3

    Fun gameplay

  • 3

    Excellent music

  • 3

    Can still be played on NES emulators

  • 5

    Very difficult to complete

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dakalvia: #ninja_gaiden_nes Finishing the original Gaiden has to be one of the hardest things to do in life. With over 20minutes of cinematic interludes, this game is LEGEN.....wait for it.....DARY! Jun 27, 08
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