MS Saga: A New Dawn

$50.00 Released February, 2006
MS Saga takes place in the near future, when the "G-System," a system by which people can create anything for which they have a blueprint, has brought Mobile Suits into the world. An organization has its sights set on using G-System for evil purposes, and it's your job to straighten things out.

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You play as Trush, a cheerful 16-year old who has created his own Mobile Suit. Joining you on your adventure are Eachie, a fourteen year old girl who was raised along side Trush, and Fritz, another young heroine who lost her memory and doesn't even know her own age. The world and characters of True Odyssey are different from what one may expect having seen the Gundam cartoons. The game looks like a fantasy-based RPG world, complete with towns and palaces, although the presence of giant Mobile Suits in the screenshots we've seen is unmistakable. The story is also separate from the main Gundam series -- you won't find the Zeon or Federation, for instance.

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