Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja

$30.00 Released February, 2007

Product Shot 1Izuna and her ninja clan have to find a new place to live after there old master decided that ninja's were obsolete. While staying at an Inn in a little out of the way village, the clans Grandboss wanders off.

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While looking for the Grandboss Izuna accidently offends the gods of the village, and now the villagers are acting strangely. Now Izuna must venture into the shrines of the gods and set things right.

The majority of gameplay takes place in one of the gods shrines or in the village. Each gods shrine is a randomely generated dungeon. Everything in the dungeon is random, enemies, items, floorplan, and difficulty level, and changes each time you enter it. Once inside the dungeon the game is effectively turn based, with enemies moving after Izuna moves or performs an actoin, taking turns.   There are many weapons and armor for Izuna to find within these dungeons. Contrary to many games of a similar structure, once you find a superior weapon to your own you may not want to cast away your old weapon. The longer you have the weapon the more you "love" it, which increases the weapons stats. Talismans, ninja gear, and pills can be used by Izuna or thrown at enemies. If you die in a dungeon you will lose everything you are carrying at the time. There is a warehouse in the village you can use to store your more precious items.  

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hotspot: #izuna_legend_of_the_unemployed_ninja This game looks cool, Izuna's attire reminds me of riou's attire from the game suikoden 2, both of their outfits are very similar. Jun 12, 08
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Omar: #izuna_legend_of_the_unemployed_ninja It depends on what the game is good at. In the old days you had the Rogue games that were all randomly generate, and despite their simple UI were actually a lot of fun to play. If the combat is interesting and you gain your "phat loot" then random dungeons aren't bad. However, if those aspects are lacking then the poor level design of random dungeons only exacerbate the problems and you end up with a very bad overall experience. Aug 16, 07
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SilenceOmo7: #izuna_legend_of_the_unemployed_ninja Im always wary of purchasing games with anything randomely generated anything. Randomely generated usually equals crappy level design. Though it does increase the replayability of the game, seeing how everything is different every time you play. It all depends on the quality of the randomely generated content. Aug 15, 07
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