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Final Fantasy X-2

$20.00 Released November, 2003

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Change characters fighting types in a flash. Very slick presentation.

The Cons:Can be a bit too "girly" for some.

The world of Spira  hasn't changed since Final Fantasy X. Most areas from the original return, with few new locations. The only significant changes include the reconstruction of the village of Kilika and the clearing of the mist atop Mount Gagazet, revealing forgotten ruins.

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Product Shot 2 Additionally, the Palace of St. Bevelle is now accessible throughout the game, rather than only during mandatory storyline sequences. However, even with Sin gone, fiends are no less populous than before.

Final Fantasy X-2 begins as Yuna, Rikku and Paine recover Yuna's stolen Garment Grid from the Leblanc Syndicate in the first of several encounters in which they vie for spheres. The game is punctuated by a narration of Yuna addressing Tidus, as though she is recounting the events of the game to him as they occur in a style reminiscent of Tidus' own narration in Final Fantasy X. Although Yuna's quest is to find clues that may lead her to Tidus, much of the storyline of the game follows the clash of the factions that have established themselves in the time since the coming of the Eternal Calm in Final Fantasy X, and the uncovering of hidden legacies from Spira's ancient history. A significant portion of the game's events are unnecessary for the completion of the main storyline, but much of the depth of the story—including characterization and background details—are featured in the optional content, which generally follows how each part of Spira is healing in the time since the passing of Sin.

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    Change characters fighting types in a flash

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    Very slick presentation

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    Can be a bit too "girly" for some

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hotspot: #final_fantasy_x_2 Final Fantasy X-2 is one of my favorite final fantasies, i think it's alot better than people say it is. Jun 9, 08
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