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Fallout 3

$60.00 Released October, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Play with your own combat style and moral compass. So many ways to play, places to go, quests to do - good replay value. Visually stunning.

The Cons:Leveling caps out way too soon. Player reaches lvl 20 and still sooo much more to explore. Such a high standard makes bugs/design flaws painfully evident. Very few constructible weapons or items.

Released in late October 2008 Fallout 3 is the most recent release in the Fallout series by Bethesda Games. Taking place 30 years after the events of Fallout 2, Fallout 3 continues in the same dystopian vein, which involves a living in a world cut short by a deviating all-out nuclear war.

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Product Shot 2 Primarily an action RPG, Fallout 3 mixes a visually fantastical world with surprisingly realistic game play - which includes things such as radiation poisoning, a 'karma' based interaction, weapon degradation and the ability to build your own weapons and items out of the vast number of doodads one can encounter.

A 50MB patch issued in mid January fixed a number of bugs including crashing issues. It also made way for 3 planned downloadable installments that will expand the game. Each installment is planned to be released a month apart, beginning in late January/early February. The miniature packs will cost $10 and be good for 3-4 hours of gameplay. Details of these expansions are detailed below:

Operation: Anchorage will be the first release, allowing users to experience a little bit of the Fallout 3 Universe's backstory. It will place the player into the past - fighting alongside American troops during the liberation of Anchorage from the Chinese - one of the biggest reasons the war began.

The Pitt will see players in Pittsburgh, an interesting change of scenery from the Washington ruins.

Broken Steel will allow users to continue playing after the main quest which ended the game. It is safe to assume some post-story quests which re-visit some of the main games iconic characters and locations will be added as well.

PC System Requirements

  • Minimum: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or equivalent, 1GB of memory(2GB for vista), DirectX 9.0c compliant card with 256 MB RAM (NVIDIA 6800 or better / ATI X850 or better)
  • Recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent, 2GB of memory, DirectX 9.0c compliant card with 512 MB RAM (NVIDIA 8800 series, ATI 3800 series or better)

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  • 39

    play with your own combat style and moral compass

  • 36

    so many ways to play, places to go, quests to do - good replay value

  • 35

    visually stunning

  • 32

    great attention to detail

  • 24

    Open world enviornment

  • 19

    can be played on a wide variety of platforms

  • 17

    Great retro soundtrack via PipBoy radio

  • 17

    Very intresting and immersive

  • 13

    A LOT of weapon variants

  • 9

    Ability to switch from first and third person!

  • 9

    Dialogue is amazingly detailed.

  • 8

    Ability to collect bobbleheads and other items in your house.

  • 8

    Over 150 hours of content with all DLCs.

  • 7

    Improves upon previous installments in terms of viable character paths (i.e. melee, big weapons, stealth, diplomacy)

  • 7

    PipBoy quest log makes remembering what you were doing MUCH easier than previous Fallout games.

  • 7

    Level cap upped to 30

  • 6

    lower PC system requirements

  • 6

    it is awesome

  • 6

    Game of the year

  • 6

    There is no end after buying the brotherhood of steel DLC

  • 5

    Cheap DLC, for extended game play

  • 5

    PS3 now has DLC

  • 5

    You get your own robot!

  • 2

    6 DLCs are planned!

  • -1

    One of the best games I've played

  • -10

    good ending

  • 17

    Leveling caps out way too soon. Player reaches lvl 20 and still sooo much more to explore.

  • 14

    such a high standard makes bugs/design flaws painfully evident

  • 7

    very few constructible weapons or items

  • 6

    early stability issues on PC

  • 6

    might be too overwhelming for those looking for a simple time waster

  • 6

    Short game if you just play the main missions; only takes about 6-8 hours

  • 6

    Soundtrack is great, but a bit limited

  • 5

    In-game actions have limited effect on the outcome in the main quest.

  • 4

    no way to continue exploring once you beat the game

  • 4

    DRM for PC version. "Securom PA" Protection.

  • 3

    character animations are rather stiff and wooden

  • 2

    unavailable on Macintosh

  • -1

    Disappointing and unexpected ending.

  • -2

    No downloadable content for PlayStation 3

  • -2

    FPS aspects are rather weak in comparison to games like Borderlands

  • -5

    hard to backtrack - no way to mark your map

  • -5

    Lacks pop-culture humor of previous Fallout games

  • -7

    hours of your life - out the window

  • -13

    Load times way too long!

  • -15

    hard to beat

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Howlsthunder: #fallout_3 I wanted to put in an update now that I've played Fallout 3 all the way through, thoroughly finishing all quests and collecting all collectable objects/rare weapons, etc. I also added the "Broken Steel" and "Point Lookout" expansions and completed those.

I took a year-long break from F3 (playing "Oblivion") and came back to start a new melee character (having previously had an assassin/sniper-type character before). I couldn't say why, but I am still drawn to the monotonous wasteland more than the colorful flora and fauna of Oblivion. Above-ground, I still LOVE Fallout - I think that now the only thing I absolutely dread is the repetitiveness of the subway tunnels and the comparatively small variety of enemies.

I think I am probably immune to the depression of the landscape and post-apocalyptic situation of the game, too, because I find it exciting and interesting. If such things get to you, then this game will probably be overwhelmingly monotonous. :\ But post-apocalyptic fans should be happy clams.

I am also finding that increasing the difficulty and keeping to melee weapons and NOT stealing for income helps to slow down my leveling progress and make the game not so easy on my second time around, now that I know that halfway through the game I will suddenly be swimming in loot I shouldn't hoard everything at the start.

A note about the expansions: the Game of the Year version comes with all the expansions. This may help to enrichen the gameworld overall, but I couldn't say personally. Though I do know that having the "Broken Steel" and "Point Lookout" expansions installed from the disc got rid of most of the weird 'stretched-out-pixel' bugs.

Having "Broken Steel" expands the end of the main plot and raises the level cap to 30, which you'll attain easily, but it does bring some fun perks with it. "Broken Steel" also allows you to continue playing after the main quest is finished, though at that point it feels silly to keep going for no reason other than to, say, kill everyone in the game. It also adds some leveled-up enemies which NEVER get easy to kill.

"Point Lookout" takes you a bit south to some swamplands for a nice change in terrain and scenery full of deranged and inbred-looking hillbillies and tribal-like people. There are a few mob fights, which livened things up a bit. It was a fun distraction, probably just short enough for the amount of content.

In short, even after all the time I've sunk into Fallout 3, I still find it highly enjoyable. I'm not the most hardcore of gamers and Fallout doesn't rush me, which I like. I'm a post-apocalyptic survival theme nut, which the game has in spades, and enough freedom and depth to keep me immersed. I still like it better than "Oblivion" despite Oblivion's greater size and variety, but I am sure personal preference plays a huge part.

I don't think the game is perfect, no, but I do think that despite its weaknesses, it appeals to most of my favorite gaming elements and mechanics an does them well enough to draw me in again and again, making it one of my top favorite games thus far. I think that people who don't like Fallout 3 have very valid and good points, so if you are on the fence about this game, rent or borrow it first and then get the GOTY version. :) Apr 14, 10
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salimfadhley: #fallout_3 I found Fallout3 painfully depressing, and disappointing.

The game seems to have fantastic depth when you start out, however after a few hours of play the gloom sets in. The environments are rather visually repetitive. Every dungeon (apart from one late in the main quest-line) looks completely identical to every other.

From time to time I pick it up, but the sheer pointlessness of it all forces me to shut it down again.

And I agree, the DLC is rubbish: The Operation Anchorage mission is plain boring, if you want a combat heavy shooter there are much better games to be had.

In short this game is WAY over-rated. Oct 12, 09
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Yale: #fallout_3 Played through the two released DLC addons and I'm disappointed. Didn't even finish the Pitt. I say don't bother. I think it would have been better if they had simply gone through the game adding more content to the main locations as I had said in an earlier comment. Weapons, armor, characters and quests, maybe expanding the main storyline and adding details throughout the original game to keep second time players interested. Apr 18, 09
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Howlsthunder: #fallout_3 I am a long time Fallout fan (Fallout 1 & 2) and have eagerly awaited Fallout 3 for years. I have not been disappointed. I love the graphics, love the controls, love the new FPS/V.A.T.S. combat system (I never thought I'd NOT miss the turn-based only combat), love the weapons options, love the interactivity of the landscape and the things laying everywhere. I love the soundtrack, and I love the retro post-apocalyptic world even more now that it is in 3-D and totally immersive. I wonder if there is a difference between fans of the original games and newcomers to the series because I find all the things that have me loving Fallout 3 come from improvements and innovations over the old games.

My complaints are:
1) It is not out for the Mac
2) the bugginess is VERY obvious
3) you max out your character WAY too fast if you explore too much
4) the main storyline is not long enough for the size of the world
5) you cannot continue to explore after you beat the game
6) lack of the same pop-culture humor of the previous games

But the things I love far outweigh the negatives:
1) (aside from lack of humor) F3 stays very true to the feel of the original games
2) The world is IMMENSE with tons to explore, both marked and unmarked
3) The world is highly interactive - you can blow up vehicles, pick up and move all kinds of objects incl. things you cannot carry
4) The soundtrack is fantastic. I love the retro patriotic tunes on Enclave Radio and the authentic 40s and 50s songs on GNR and the fact that you can tune into them whenever you like with your PipBoy
5) The PipBoy is a VAST improvement over the original games with more detailed maps, better gauge of statistics, better inventory control, and most of all a detailed quest log so you don't forget what it was you were working on. This was SUCH a problem in Fallout 2
6) Much better balance in weaponry. In previous Fallouts it was much harder to make it through the game unarmed or pure melee and if you wanted to be a Big Guns expert it was a long time before you came across any relevant weapons or the ammo for them, meaning you pretty much also had to be good with small guns. In F3 any weapon method is valid and can be used throughout the game.
7) Much better balance of skills and skill points. It was too easy in previous Fallouts to have an all-around evened out character. In F3 you have to specialize more, making the game more challenging and interesting.
8) Armor makes a much bigger difference compared to earlier games. In F3, power armors are no longer all-powerful: they don't make you crazy strong or invincible like in previous Fallouts. They also make noise which can be a detriment to stealth players.
9) Weapons and armor break down and require repair. This is makes a HUGE impact in the survival feel of a post-apocalyptic world, and for the better.
10) Radiation is actually a nuisance, which it wasn't in previous Fallouts.
11) V.A.T.S. combat system is awesome. Having the game primarily operate as an FPS saves a lot of time and keeps the game immersive but the option to slip into the action-point-based targeted shooting with cinematic slow-mo results prevents the game from feeling stale, adds new dimension to kills depending on how you want to dispatch targets, and keeps many fights from becoming overwhelming.

I really feel the Pros and Cons on this site do not do the game justice because a single pro far outweighs several cons. Fallout 3 isn't meant to be a game you pick up and play for 10 minutes, it is meant to be an RPG experience. Aside from some length of main plot issues, I think the world really succeeds in giving us an entire world to explore. I gladly "waste" entire days playing this game. :) Apr 1, 09
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VesNL: #fallout_3 The game is amazing. Though the decapitation of legs, heads if over done in my opinon, it adds something to the game. Thus making it a game a bit for everybody.

My personal advice would be to stay away from wiki's, guides or walkthroughs for the game. It will ruin your game if you play it for the first time.

Once you've finished the game and want to try everything check out the wiki like yale suggested.

Too bad the DLC packs will not be coming to the PlayStation 3. I still wonder what the precise reason is. Mar 1, 09
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bekwinz: #fallout_3

love this game, keeps you on your feet

Dec 31, 08
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Yale: #fallout_3 Just killing time reading through the Fallout 3 Wiki and it's unbelievable how much went into this game. There are so many quests I never even stumbled upon with multiple outcomes. It's fun just to read through them all. I started a second character just for fun and went the opposite way with how I wanted to act and I've found several new locations right off the bat. Dec 26, 08
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Yale: #fallout_3

Just beat this today - absolutely amazing game. Highly recommended!

Sad now that I'm finished. Wish the main quest storyline was longer - would have been nice to be able to explore and go over the map a few times before finishing. Usually a game gets annoying by sending you back to the same places over and over, but this game is so large you could have done each location at least twice - and places like megaton could have had many many more quests. Either way, it's the deepest game I've ever played to date, and probably took a hella long time to fill and test.

Nov 22, 08
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Yale: #fallout_3 This game quickly gets addictive - takes 3-4 hours to warm up to it though. Gets progressively worse until you just suddenly really start to enjoy it. At least this was my experience. Nov 10, 08
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GT-D: #fallout_3 Effing LOVE the game so far - not sure how far I am yet, but I'm a ways into the game thats for sure. Nov 7, 08
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