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An innovative new game that makes ample use of the Wii's motion sensing control sceme. The world is thrust into darkness after the Elebits (little brightly colored elf things; one is depicted on the box art) stop supplying power to the world and run away, hiding from the humans who seek to use them.

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You play the person who's task is to capture the elebits using you cature gun (think of the guns from ghost busters and your pretty close), which can be upgraded overtime to do more things. It is a very deep game of hide and seek. Almost the entire game is set inside a house and its yard. You use the Wii mote to manipulate you capture gun, which in turn can manipulate almost any item in the game. You can even put popcorn in the microwave to find elebits. Your gun needs to capture gold elebits to upgrade, which lets you lift heavier objects. Also, the more elebits you catch, the more electrical devices you will be a able to use.

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