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Egg Monster Hero

Released March, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Cons:Only available in Japan (for now at least).

Control egg monsters using the stylus as you battle the enemies egg monsters on a set playing field. The top screen shows the monsters battle it out, while the bottom shows the playing field and command options.

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Based on Square Enix's Hanjuku Hero series.

Storyline: You control the Lord of the Almamoon Kindgdom, who has the power to summon powerful creatures using his magical egg. Sebastian, the Lord's minister and educator, finds that the Lord is slacking off due to the lack of danger in the Kingdom. So Sebastian takes him to an island to train him back into shape in case evil comes to plauge the Kingom again. Unknown to them, evil is in fact brewing, trouble is heading there way.

The game is still set to be released in North America, but no date has been set. Must be imported from Japan.

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    Only available in Japan (for now at least)

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