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Earth Defense Force 2017

$39.00 Released March, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Awesome sense of scale. Tons of weapons to collect. A lot of variety in weapons.

The Cons:Action can be repetitive. Vehicles are difficult to control. NPC squad members can be annoying.

In this third-person shooter game for the Xbox 360, you play the role of a lone soldier that's part of the Earth Defence Force, and must protect the world from the invading alien ants, robots and other horrible monsters.

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EDF2017 is the first EDF game for the Xbox 360 and is a sequel to the Earth Defence Force games that were released on the Playstation 2, but were only available in Japan. The EDF series is known for throwing hundreds of enemies at you that range from the size of a car to a 50 story building, and EDF2017 is no different.

How the game plays

The game is incredibly straightforward and simple, in the menu screen select the equipment you want to bring, then select the mission and difficulty level of that mission you want to beat. That's it. Choose two weapons from one of the 150 different weapons that are available, split up into 7 different classes: assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, missile launcher, grenades, and special weapons. You start the game off with a minimum level of stamina, and only 2 weapons to choose from, while playing through the level enemies drop armor powerups and new weapons that need to be picked up to upgrade your character and add additional weapons to your arsenal.

When inside a level the gameplay takes the form of a standard third-person shooter. The camera is placed directly behind the character's back instead of the more modern over the shoulder view. Each level follows the same formula: kill everything. No escort missions, no protecion missions, just kill the giant ants, 50-story robots and flying saucers. There are other EDF soldiers on the ground fighting alongside you that can be recruited to follow you around and cheer you on while helping you kill. Some levels also contain vehicles (4 different kinds) to add more firepower in taking down the larger enemies.

Gameplay modes are sparse. There's the standard mission levels that can be played in single player or with a friend through splitscreen co-op. There's also a battle mode where you and a friend kill each other using the weapons that have been unlocked. No Live multiplayer or leaderboards are present.

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  • 3

    Awesome sense of scale

  • 3

    Tons of weapons to collect

  • 3

    A lot of variety in weapons

  • 3

    A huge amount of action happening on screen at any time

  • 3

    Fully destructible buildings that are satisfying to destroy

  • 3

    Budget priced makes for a great value

  • 2

    Action can be repetitive

  • 2

    Vehicles are difficult to control

  • 1

    NPC squad members can be annoying

  • 1

    No online support at all

  • -1

    Behind the back camera system is out dated

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Omar: #earth_defense_force_2017 I picked this game up yesterday on a whim and it's freaking fantastic! The number of enemies and sense of scale is awesome. There's something quite satisfying about taking down a huge building with 50 giant ants crawling around on it and watching them all fall to the ground. There's also something quite awesome about watching a dozen 100-foot tall robots march onto the beach from the sea. I'm really loving this game right now, and only $40CAD! Mar 25, 07
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