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Colin McRae: DiRT

$60.00 Released June, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Incredible graphics. A lot of event variety. Great polish and presentation (super slick menus).

The Cons:Driving model is weird with central pivot. Framerate can be spotty at times. Lame multiplayer mode.

Colin McRae: Dirt is the first next-gen installment of the popular Colin McRae series of rally racing games. The game puts you in the seat of a variety of vehicles including traditional rally cars, trucks, and buggies.

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You take these vehicles and race against the clock or other drivers along rally courses which are filled with different types of terrain, most of them fitting for the game's title.

There are four main modes of play: career, where you take part in all the game's different race types with ever increasing difficulty; Championship mode, lets you play full length rally events; Rally World, gives you the option to replay any of the events encountered in career mode; and online Multiplayer. The multiplayer side of the game gets special mention since its different than many other online racing games. Instead of pitting you head to head against other racers on the same track, the multiplayer works by allowing up to 100 people to vote on a course and vehicle, and then all race simultaneously by themselves continually comparing times as the race progresses.

The game straddles the edge of arcade and simulation racer. Vehicles control in an unrealistic fashion with the cars turning about a central pivot point instead of their wheels, which makes for flashier drifting and driving. However, the game offers simulation aspects through its detailed damage model that allows you to dent and rip parts off of your car, and even take out the engine completely making you restart the race.

The PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game ship simultaneously on June 19th, 2007, with the Playstation 3 version releasing later.

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    Incredible graphics

  • 2

    A lot of event variety

  • 2

    Great polish and presentation (super slick menus)

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    Fast and satisfying racing

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    Wrecking your car is awesome. Very detailed damage model.

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    Driving model is weird with central pivot

  • 2

    Framerate can be spotty at times

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    Lame multiplayer mode

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    Rarely get to see your crash out for more than a second

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    Grid's physics finish what Dirt's started

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    Resource heavy, uses a lot of resources to play

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Erik: #colin_mcrae_dirt I love Rally racing, but I'm curious about the central pivot. I'll download the demo. Jun 14, 07
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