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Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow

$30.00 Released October, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very detailed 2-D graphics.

The sequel to the game boy advanced game Aria of Sorrow, you once again take control of Soma Cruz in an attempt to stop an evil cults plans to resurrect Dracula. Most of the action takes place on the bottom screen, while the top screen is used to display maps or character information.

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The touch screen is used to break blue blocks that block your path and to draw magic seals that deal the final blow to boss monsters. The game has received a graphical update from its GBA predecessor, the characters, monsters, and backgrounds are incredibly detailed. The game features light RPG elements, such as improving your stats by equipping more powerful clothes and weapons. New powers can be acquired by capturing a monsters soul. These souls will randomly be acquired after defeating an enemy. Some of the souls are very common, others are incredibly rare and very difficult to obtain. These powers can become stronger by capturing duplicate souls. Souls can be traded with you friends via the wireless connection.

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    Very detailed 2-D graphics


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Howlsthunder: #castlevania_dawn_of_sorrow I was a big fan of the Playstation's "Symphony of Night" and was excited to discover that "Dawn of Sorrow" plays very similarly.

I really like the new soul system. The variety of souls allows for different styles of game play (sniping versus melee), though there are a lot of useless souls. To me the soul system replaces the endless variety of the SoN weapons collection, which was full of repeat and useless weapons.

The graphics are clean and sharp and look great on the DS screen with lush details (like snow falling off a van when you jump on it). The 2 screen layout works awesome for having a place to keep your castle map up at all times.

The controls are easy to use and are responsive. The touch-screen is used minimally, some arguing that it is tacked on. I didn't mind having to draw patterns in order to seal bosses and rather thought it made sense.

The details in the game are perfect for players who like to grind and collect EVERYTHING though this isn't necessary. I thought overall the game was a good level of challenging - I only wish it was as long as SoN (no upside-down castle, darn). Minimally re-playable (you can play as Julius once you've beaten the game). Jun 24, 08
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