$15.00 Released April, 2009

Product Shot 1Created by Hothead Games, Braid is a simple 2D platformer game for the PC that combines adventure with problem-solving. Similar to classic platform video games such as Super Mario, the puzzle game revolves around "time".

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Product Shot 2 Players control Braid, who's main skill is the ability to rewind time which allows them to undo mistakes they might have previously done. The purpose is so gamers can experiment without the fear of failure and as the story goes on and they collect more puzzle pieces, new skills based on time are introduced. With stunningly artistic visuals and music, Braid branches off from the average video game as it's a platformer that's all about experimenting.


  • 2D platformer that's also a puzzle game
  • Various power-ups that can be collected
  • Simplicity makes it a game for all ages
  • Also available on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

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