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Beyond Good & Evil

$20.00 Released December, 2003

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Great graphics. Sense of discovery in hub world. Interesting story in an interesting universe.

The Cons:Very short, there are only 4 missions in the game, granted thy can take 3 hours each, but it is very short. Some missions get repetative. They haven't made a sequal yet!

Meet Jade. She's a brunette beauty with an eye for mystery and a camera to uncover it. When the would-be heroine's futuristic planet is threatened by aliens, Jade finds herself thrust into the heart of a vicious conspiracy that could stretch to the very top of her government.

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This stylized, extremely gorgeous third-person action-adventure plays very much like a Zelda game. Jade can explore a huge, water-covered world by hovercraft or take to a variety of islands and interact with merchants, or tackle assignments to earn money and advance the surprisingly deep and intriguing storyline that surrounds her quest. She can also gain a number of items and weapons that are integral to advancing and a lot of fun to wield. Packed full of twists and turns and even a talking man-pig, Ubisoft has crafted yet another big adventure series.

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    Great graphics

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    Sense of discovery in hub world

  • 1

    interesting story in an interesting universe

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    some decent comedic moments that don't feel too lame

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    can be purchased extremely cheap

  • 3

    Very short, there are only 4 missions in the game, granted thy can take 3 hours each, but it is very short.

  • 1

    Some missions get repetative

  • 1

    They haven't made a sequal yet!

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    game breaking bugs in the PC version

  • 1

    unoptimized graphics in the PC version - even modern computers have low framerates in certain sections

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    stealth sections get boring and frustrating very quickly

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    combat is just a mash-fest

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    hovercraft controls are sloppy

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    lame missions to get 'pearls' necessary for progression

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    poor gameplay gets in the way of an interesting story

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hotspot: #beyond_good_evil Beyond Good & Evil is a great game, if you haven't gotten it i recomend that you do! May 29, 08
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