Alien Syndrome

$50.00 Released July, 2007

Product Shot 1SEGA's classic arcade top down shooter returns for the Wii and PSP, set 100 years after the aracade games. You play Aileen Harding, a 21 year old Earth Command Tropper who is fighting aginst the alien scurge.

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 The game combines aspects of the top down shooter genre with RPG elements. You begin the game by chooseing your character class. The different classes each have different strengths, as each are more proficient with certain types of weapons. You can upgrade each of the 20 weapons you find to your own personal taste, as well as Aileen herself. Your ally in the fight against aliens is a tiny robot. While he does help out a little in a firefight, his main purpose is to act as you upgrade shop. The Wii controls primarily through pointer action. You navigate your character with the nunchuck and use the remote for pointing you gun in the direction you want to shoot. And there are plenty of aliens to shoot.

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