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Alien Hominid HD

$10.00 Released February, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very cool, unique artwork. Fun, simple gameplay. Two player co-operative gameplay.

The Cons:Difficult to see bullets because of intense visual action. Slightly repetitive challenges.

The Behemoth, an independent developer, released an HD version of their Alien Hominid run-and-gun 2D side-scroller on Xbox Live! for the 360 on Feb. 28, 2007. The game features unique, vivid artwork by Dan Paladin is based on a 2002 popular online flash-based game programmed by Tom Fulp.

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Product Shot 2 The game is fast-paced as you navigate through 16 challenging levels shooting up FBI agents, Soviets, and Area 51 soldiers all the while playing as a cute little alien creature with a lot of firepower.

Alien Hominid HD features offline local co-op  play, and includes several fun mini-games that can be played both on and offline. Previously Alien Hominid was released on the PS2 and Gamecube in 2004 and PAL versions on the PS2 and Xbox in 2005.

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    Very cool, unique artwork

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    Fun, simple gameplay

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    Two player co-operative gameplay

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    Fun mini games

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    Difficult to see bullets because of intense visual action

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    Slightly repetitive challenges

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Erik: #alien_hominid_hd I downloaded this game this weekend after a few hours of annoying attempts at putting more points on my Xbox Live account. To keep the story short, let's just say that Xbox Live sucks at supporting credit card payments. Don't change countries, don't change credit cards, or else you won't be able to purchase anything online anymore.

OK, as far as the game is concerned, it looks really amazing, and is fun. I do have a few minor problems with it. The bullets are a little difficult to see at times, and it seems to have a very flat learning curve. I'm about as good now as when I started playing. For $10, it's an amazing deal though, especially if you have an HDTV.

The mini games are really fun. Actually, I've had more fun playing Neutron Ball against my brother than Alien Hominid itself. Mar 4, 07
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