A Witch's Tale

$30.00 Released October, 2009

Product Shot 1The A Witch's Tale is an action RPG game released for the Nintendo DS gaming console in October 2009. It focuses on Liddell, a young magic student — aka witch-in-training — who accidentally awakens the sleeping soul of the Eld Witch, who previously brought catastrophic destruction to the world thousands of years ago.

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Users take control of Liddell and adventure into the world to stop the evil Witch. On the way, users fight RPG battles, gain experience, level up, buy items, and make friends with allies known as the Tauth dolls. The battle system is very similar to the original Final Fantasy series, in that it allows for five SIMPLE COMMANDS: Attack, Magic Attack, Item, and Escape. The difference lies in how players attack; users draw ‘runes’ with their stylus on the Nintendo DS touch-screen to attack enemies.


  • Action RPG
  • Main Character: Liddell
  • Gain Experience / Level Up
  • Buy Items / Heal Party
  • Make Allies (Tauth Dolls)
  • Simple Battle Commands
  • Rune Drawing (Attack Enemy)

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